How many people are there in each syndicate?

We offer shares of between 2.5 and 50% of each horse available.  This means ownership options can be more affordable than you might think, without any watering down of the ownership experience.  If you prefer, we can offer a larger share of up to 50% and this would correspond to the share of prize money on offer and ticket allocation on race days.

Why join a syndicate rather than individual ownership? 

Shared ownership is much more cost-effective and limits your risk.  Sharing in the thrill of ownership is more enjoyable, especially with like-minded horse racing enthusiasts.  Shared ownership makes it easier to be part of a successful ownership team as sharing the cost makes it possible to be involved with better horses.

Who buys the horses?

Our horses are purchased by our bloodstock agents or trainers  James Ferguson and James Owen in conjunction with Hasmonean Racing’s Oliver Franks and Dean Skipsey.

When are the syndicates available?

Syndicated shares are available now.

How long do the horses race for?

We aim to purchase horses that are ready to compete as 2-years old so the fun can start as soon as possible.  Whilst every horse is different, we try and ensure the horses purchased are hardy types who can perform regularly throughout the racing season.  At the end of each season, we collectively discuss the horse’s performance and our plans for the following campaign.

Who trains the horses?

Hasmonean Racing will partner with Newmarket-based James Ferguson for our flat horses and James Owen for our NH horses.

Can owners visit their horses at the stables?

Yes, this is a major part of horse ownership, and visits are easily arranged with Hasmonean Racing.

How will I know when my horse is running?

All owners will be kept up to date with each horses’ plans via telephone, email, and via the evolutionary Racing Manager Portal.

What happens on race days?

Hasmonean Racing will organize all race day owners’ badges and meals leaving you to enjoy the day as a racehorse owner.

Will shareholders make a profit?

All winnings will be distributed based on each share amount. Remember, ownership is about the experience and involvement, and whilst every effort will be made to ensure each horse has a successful campaign, this can never be guaranteed.

How much does a syndicate share cost?

This will vary from horse to horse, depending on the quality of the horse and the proposed number of shareholders.  We offer a number of share options to cater to varying budgets.

What does the price of a share include?

The price of a share covers all expenses incurred including the initial purchase price, trainers, vets, farrier, jockey, transport, and race entry fees and administration/registration costs. Exceptions apply, please see T&C’s.

Do I get a share of any prize money? If so, when is it paid?

Yes, you are entitled to the % share of all earnings on each horse.  Prize money is calculated at the end of the racing season and is paid in correlation to your % share of ownership/lease.

What happens if I want to end my ownership?

You can terminate the contract at any point after the first 12 months.  We require 4 weeks’ notice and you can simply notify us by email or telephone.

Can I sell my share?

Yes, you can sell your share at any point. We may be able to purchase your share from you, it very much depends on the situation at the time.

If you have found an owner for your share, it’s just a case of sending us their details and transferring the contract to them.

Who decides when and where the horse should run?

Our trainers will manage the racing plans of all the horses in partnership with the racing manager(s).  You are informed when your horse has been entered 6 days before the race and declared 2 days before the race so you can make necessary plans to attend race days.

What happens if we receive an offer to buy the horse?

All offers for horses are passed on straight to the owners.  At that time, James and the racing manager(s) welcome your opinion in terms of keeping or selling the horse.  We recognise that many owners aren’t experienced enough to know when to accept or reject offers and we will advise on this matter.

What are the other benefits of ownership?

James and the racing manager(s) manage the horses’ racing plans from the day they are purchased to the day they are retired.  We will do our best to place horses, so their chances of winning are maximised.  The trainer will inform us when we think our horse has a good chance of winning and there will always be a campaign plan.  This information can of course be used to have a bet when your horse has its best chance of winning.

As an owner, is it possible to get spare badges for race meetings when my horse isn’t running?

Should the allocation of badges not be used for other horses within Hasmonean Racing, any extras will be offered to syndicate members.

What does the upfront payment offer?

For ownership horses, payment includes the purchase price of the horse, vetting at the sales, and applicable agent fees, transportation to the trainer, the breaking in of the horse and pre-training, plus training fee’s up to the month that the monthly payment begins.

What do the monthly payments offer?

The monthly payment is guaranteed to cover all training expenses: Veterinary treatment, blacksmiths, breaking in, training, transport to and from the racecourse, food and living costs & all associated administration, the jockey’s riding fee and your badge/s (the number depending on the % of the horse that is owned-see below) for the race meeting are all included.  Your monthly fee will remain unaffected should other members of the syndicate choose to leave.

What is included in a share?

Ownership to the full value of your percentage share in your racehorse, including your % of all prize money and any resale value (if owned) and free entry to the owners and trainers’ enclosure.  We deal with all the paperwork and administration for each horse’s run so you can enjoy the day where everything is organised and waiting for you! (Lease shareholders are not entitled to resale proceeds but are entitled to all the other benefits listed above.)

Any additional racing fees?

Race entries which cost over £50, and entries for races outside of the UK (all such entry costs including all forfeit stages,) plus transport for overseas races, are charged at cost price then pro-rata to your share – this then comes out of your share of the prize money if your horse wins.

What are the payment options?

You can pay the upfront share cost by direct bank transfer or by cheque.  The monthly training fees, if not paid upfront, as some owners choose to do, can be paid by direct debit monthly.

Can I insure my share?

When you purchase a share, the horse is not insured.  However, you may choose to insure your share and this can be done independently or alternatively, we can assist you with that.  We would require written confirmation stating that you would like us to investigate insuring your share.  Alternatively, we will occasionally write to a syndicate asking if you would like the horse to be insured at a stated value if we deem its value to be considerable.

Do I receive an owner’s badge when my horse races?

Yes.  When you purchase or lease a share, your contract will tell you how many complimentary ‘Owners and Trainers’ badges you are entitled to (i.e., according to the % share owned/leased: 2.5%=1 5% = 2 badges, 10% = 3 badges, 25% = 4 badges.  When your horse is declared to run, (48 hours beforehand for flat races you will receive an email with the race card asking you how many badges you would like.  At major race festivals, we cannot always guarantee owners badges for all owners who wish to attend, as some racecourses limit the number of Owner and Trainer badges per horse at such meetings.

Can I take family and friends along to the races?

Yes.  At most of the meetings, you have the opportunity to buy additional badges to the number your share size allocation entitles you to, providing you have let us know beforehand.  This is not always possible at the bigger racing festivals, such as Royal Ascot, The Epsom Derby meeting, the Qatar Goodwood Festival etc. as the racecourses strictly limit certain enclosure badge numbers (as mentioned above).  In such instances, we work very hard with the courses and owners to make as many badges as possible available for owners and their guests.

How is the prize money distributed?

You will receive the share of the prize money you are entitled to if your horse is placed or wins.  For example, if you own a 5% share, you receive 5% of any owners’ prize money won.  ‘Gross’ prize money (which you will see at the top of race cards on the Racing Post website), includes all prize money distributed between owners, trainers and jockeys.  The ‘owner’s percentage’ is about 78% for a win and then ranges from 83-87% for a place depending on the placed position.  Payment is paid as a lump sum at the end of the racing season.

How do I receive payments?

Owners’ statements are prepared annually at the end of the flat season, summarising every owner’s financial account.  If an account includes the proceeds of sold horses via sales houses, then payments are sent after the sales proceeds have been received, which can take a minimum of 6 weeks to be sent out to us and clear.

Are winners’ prizes given to owners?

Yes. The syndicate manager oversees how the winner’s prizes are distributed between the winning owners who are present at the racecourse.  We aim to ensure that within each syndicate, trophies, photos, champagne and race DVD’S are fairly distributed amongst the owners during the season. ‘

What other benefits does ownership provide?

All horses will be managed by Hasmonean Racing in coordination with our trainer. We will keep you up to date on their training progress, explain race planning and give race previews & reviews, as well as being present on race days to enjoy the day with fellow owners.  We encourage the owners to be involved on a personal level and we are always open to chat regarding the horses’ performance and future plans.

We actively encourage stable visits and will organise regular yard trips to allow owners to get to know their respective horses on a personal level.  If we believe a horse is set to run a big race, we will make this clear so we can hopefully enjoy a winning bet or two along the way.

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