Come meet the string


Saturday 4th November
Come join us!!

**Saturday 4th November **

*7.45am*. Meet at Badlingham farm, Chippenham, Ely, CambsCB7 5QQ to see Billiegee enjoying some down time.

*8.45* Warren Hill (CB8 8DU) To see Gordon Grey and Mariamne ( Ben Brookhouse) and Maith An Farhh and Chartwell’s Lady ( James Ferguson) up the gallop.

*9.10* All back to Ben Brookhouse Racing CB8 0HZ…… Parade of Gordon Grey, Mariamne and some stable stars.

*10.30* To Mike Murphys CB87JQ to view our New Bay x Praden yearling filly.

*11.15* James Owen’s stable CB8 7JQ to see Jimmy Boy.

*12.30* The first race at Newmarket rowley mile.

Please let me know if you plan to attend and if so, what part. Very excited to show you all the string.

Shares available in Gordon Grey, Mariamne and our New Bay yearling.
Drop us a message with your details on our contact form to let us know you plan to attend. Alternately, call me direct on 07930956867